First blog post


Serenity Now

Staring at the same picture for the last 22 years.  The same smells.  The same sensations.  A sunrise with a gentle breeze and a small lake that reflects like a mirror.  Bacon and eggs crackling in the background.  Swinging back and forth on the screened in porch.

All of this from a 400 square foot space.

My family has owned a small white cottage in the middle of Nowhere, Michigan for the last 40 years.  First my aunt and uncle had it.  Then my grandparents.  Then the next door neighbors ripped it away from us (I refer to those as the dark days).  Finally my wife, my mom and I got it back three years ago.

What it means to have the ability to escape to a place even when it’s just in your mind…. When everything around you is just crazy or the work keeps piling up…. For me it’s serenity.

One thought on “First blog post

  1. You made me want to swing on that porch, eat some of that yummy bacon and soak up the sights of that beautiful 400 square foot space. You describe it well! We all need a little serenity once in a while….and the Seinfeld reference wasn’t lost on me 🙂 Welcome to SOL – glad you’re here.


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