Why We Write

Sometimes we write out of necessity.  Sometimes we write for therapy.  Sometimes we do both.

Almost 5 years ago our son Tyler was born.  He was transferred to the NICU at Christ hospital for a few hours before being airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital.  We spent 68 days at that hospital.

During that time I was able to use an ingenious tool to update family and friends on Tyler’s progress called CaringBridge.  Below is an unedited version of what I wrote on May 26, 2012 (Day #9 of Tyler’s life).

Today has been a hard day on all of us. We found out this morning that Tyler had regressed last night and now has blood in his urine. The doctors and nurses decided that today they were going to try and maintain him at his current levels before trying to go back to weening the machine down.

Around 11:30 he started bleeding from where the catheters had been put in as well as where his IVs were. Although this occasionally can happen on ECMO because of the blood thinners they use, this was a scary incident that took almost 3 hours to get under control. Tyler’s rash also has come back and the doctors now think that there may be something else contributing to his condition. They said usually by now a patient that just has meconium aspiration would have made some progress. It could be as simple a Tyler having an infection but his own body would have to fight it and so far it hasn’t.

Please pray that the doctors are able to figure it out and that Tyler continues to fight strong.



4 thoughts on “Why We Write

  1. Oh, my heart! I believe in writing for therapy, and the first year I sliced was exactly for that reason. Prayers and strength are two words your family are extremely familiar with. What a handsome young man your Tyler has become!!!


  2. “Sometimes we write out of necessity. Sometimes we write for therapy. Sometimes we do both.” I love this Adam. So true! I remember reading these heart-wrenching posts. You have all come such a long way, but especially that adorable and handsome Tyler. Congrats on a successful 5 years!


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