My wife does not enjoy cooking. Despite her utter indifference to anything in the kitchen, she creates excellent dinners five or six times a week.

Scratch that…. My wife detests cooking. She has always said that if we win the lottery the first thing she would do is hire a live-in chef. I would pay off credit card debit, but we all have our priorities.

I on the other hand get giddy at the prospect of grilling season. I am not a guy who wakes up at 3am to throw the brisket on the smoker, but I do recommend making friends with someone who does.

You can grill anywhere. On the patio. While camping. Tailgating at a football game. Not only is it portable it’s just a fire and meat. What’s not to like about that?

As we inch closer to spring and I start to salivate at the thought of grilling outside my wife can start pretending, at least for a few months, that she has a live-in chef.


7 thoughts on “Grillin

  1. This post makes me smile. I LOVE grilling season…especially when someone does it for me. Your wife is a smart lady. I also recommend becoming friends with someone who loves to turn on the smoker at 3am. I’m lucky to have one next door!


  2. You and my husband are kindred spirits! He will grill in the middle of winter (as long as it isn’t a blizzard)….he loves preparing and grilling out on the patio with his tools in one hand and a beverage in the other…this slice reminds me that grilling season is almost upon us! WOO HOO!


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