Eating Out

I vaguely remember in some distant memory when I used to enjoy going out to eat.  We would celebrate the glut of birthday’s, anniversaries or any other special occasions of our extended family.

Now those days are filled with dread, sweaty palms, and exhaustion, always exhaustion.

It starts with setting the time of the meal.  Once we know the time we can start prepping one week in advance to coordinate a nap schedule so that our 7 month old might only cry for 30 minutes at lunch time, not the whole hour and a half.

Once nap time is set it is on to the menu.  If it is somewhere we frequent more often (think Chili’s) we can skip this step.  A new restaurant though brings on the need to examine the menu online with eagle eyes hoping they have something our 3 year old might pretend to be interested in.  When the realization hits that they don’t serve waffles for lunch we are relegated to his fate.  He will eat bread and chocolate ice cream.  Always chocolate ice cream.

Our final battle before we arrive is to decide who we will sit by.  If we let our 4 year old sit next to his cousin we will probably be escorted out by the wait staff and the restaurant may or may not go up in flames.  If we have him sit next to us there is still a chance we will be asked to leave, we won’t get to touch our food, but the restaurant will still be standing at the end.

When we arrive home exhausted after the meal we realize all this angst is really a waste of energy.  We know how it’s going to go every time.  Sleep will eventually even out.  One day he may eat more than waffles.  And the cousins will probably never burn a restaurant to the ground.

Going out to eat is never picture perfect anymore but it sure a lot more entertaining.


3 thoughts on “Eating Out

  1. This made me laugh because my husband and I JUST had this conversation yesterday. I don’t typically like to go out to eat right now because our 2 year old is all about mom and is in that stage where she just does whatever she wants. My son is wonderful, but laughs when his sister does something she probably shouldn’t do, which in turn, makes her do it even more. Ugh….
    Yesterday my husband talked me into going to Appleebee’s . The meal started out fine but then our daughter wanted to go to the other side of the table, so she crawled under to her destination. Then back to me, etc. She has a very picky appetite and so french fries is usually what she eats when we go out. As she finishes those and we are getting ready to leave, she spills my drink. The waitress comes over, takes out plates and says “I will get your check for you.” I think she could tell I was a tad bit frustrated. I know these moments won’t last forever and when they are older I may want them back, but for now, I just want to eat my dinner without being “that family”. Haha!

    Good luck to you!


  2. Oh my gosh, this is so funny!!! Probably because I can totally identify with your feelings of exhaustion. One day you will find a semblance of normalcy when you go out to eat, but believe it or not, you will miss these days. In the mean time, may the force be with you. LOL


  3. I was thinking about you on Sunday when were eating at Granite City. A big family came in after a baptismal of a little girl. This girl had THREE brothers – I would say between the ages of 3-7. They started out calm and coloring their placemats. Eventually they were standing and throwing said placemats that were balled up like baseballs! I believe this scene is exactly what you were describing. 🙂 Hang in there – it’ll probably get easier…in like 15 years.


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