Sunday Mornings

When I was kid, Sunday mornings were for sleeping in and then leaving mom and dad alone so they could get ready for church.  On the way home from church we always stopped and picked up Dunkin Donuts.  My brother and I were each allowed our own donut and then we could choose another one to split (my dad was cheap).

When I was in college (and for too many years after I graduated), Sunday mornings were for sleeping in, getting rid of headaches, and hoping someone would pick up Dunkin Donuts so I didn’t have to move off the couch.  I didn’t have to worry about splitting any donuts because no one ever got off the couch to go get any.

Now that I have my own kids, Sunday mornings are for “sleeping in” until the baby wakes us up and trying to get everyone ready to make sure we are only 20 minutes late for church.  Now I can buy as many donuts as I want for myself.  But it doesn’t matter if I buy myself a dozen…. I always end up being asked “Dad can I have some of your donut?”


2 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings

  1. I can’t believe I almost missed this one from yesterday! So brilliant – taking Sundays as a kid, a college student and now a dad. Different perspectives on the same day from the same person at such different points in your life. Really, really great!!


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