A short letter to Johnny


As we celebrate your 3rd birthday today I simply wanted to write you a letter.

You are now, and forever will be a middle child.  As the oldest, I don’t understand what this means, but your mom keeps telling me we need to make sure you get extra attention?  I tell everyone that you are the one who gives us a run for our money.  Even at an early age I see the fighting spirit that burns within you.  I hope you never lose that.

Although you love your independence you are also our most affectionate son.  When I come home from work I can’t wait to shut the front door.  I know within seconds you will come running around the corner and say “Hi Daddy” before giving me one of your great big bear hugs.

I love that you don’t let your big brother push you a round.  I love that you ask for cookies every chance you get.  But most of all, on your 3rd birthday, I wanted to let you know that I love you.



5 thoughts on “A short letter to Johnny

  1. Okay, I know I tend to be over emotional, but this literally brought tears to my eyes. Every daddy should write a letter to their babies. I’m sure this will one day help him get through the potential middle child syndrome. Happy Birthday Johnny!!!!


  2. I can’t believe I almost missed this. It’s very precious. Having three sons is clearly the joy of your life – and your letter to your middle boy puts it out to the world!


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