Everyone knows that music can touch us in numerous ways. What surprises me is the variety of venues I have been in where the music still has an impact. I have sat on the edge of my seat during Phantom of the Opera on Broadway while feeling goosebumps just before intermission. I have been to numerous Jimmy Buffet concerts where the music allows everyone an excuse to relax and get just a little crazier.

But this week I sat in a middle school gymnasium. Nine junior high bands filled with students trying their best to get their audience to feel the emotions of the music. When I closed my eyes there were times I felt like I could have been in a music hall.

Music is music. We don’t all have the same reactions but it is the one thing that forces all of us to have some reaction.


6 thoughts on “Music

  1. 100% agreed. It just seems that music is so universal that way. It gets us to feel SOMETHING. The special quality of music intensifies, as you say, when children are playing it. Their lives are that much richer thanks to the music they produce!


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