No Debate

The Smell.  The Feel.  The sound of crisp pages turning. The satisfaction of seeing all that you have accomplished.


Nothing.  Cold.  The sound of a clicking button.  Everything appearing the same.

The differences between curling up with a good book and sitting with a sterile e-reader.

I have effortlessly embraced almost every technology available.  Yet, I still can’t seem to give up my books.

Physical books no longer make sense.  They take up valuable space.  They are often more expensive.  You can’t order one from your couch and be reading it 10 seconds later.

But in the case of books I have realized to say the heck with common sense and just do what I enjoy.

And that is to just READ.


5 thoughts on “No Debate

  1. At some point in my life I resisted e-reader. Then I discovered the benefits of e-reader during traveling. Now I have both. Books at home, e-books on a train and airplane. people sometimes write how they weed their bookshelves. I can’t do that.


  2. I am right there with Terje – I like having an e-reader when I am traveling to I can load it with books! I love the feeling of a real book, and for some reason I just can’t stop buying them. You’re right though, they don’t make sense anymore! But we love them anyway. 🙂


  3. As my Kindle sits and collects dust on the shelf, my books are a welcoming sight every time I pass them by, or knock them over as the case may be. I pick real life books every time.


  4. Here Here! JUST READ! As for which side of the debate I am on – e-reader all the way! Although from your argument I can’t understand why! I guess it’s the part about being able to sit on the couch – want a book – and be reading it 10 minutes later!!! Love that.


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