When was the last time you were so excited about something you couldn’t stop talking about it with everyone you encountered?

Here is an exchange between my four-year old son and a stranger he met at a birthday party last night.

Man “Hey kid how are you doing?  You look like a pretty cool kid.”

Tyler “Yeah I am.  I am in Miss Katie’s class now.  We do circle time.  And show and tell. And drink water, but we don’t have snack anymore.  I’m a big boy now so I go to Miss Katie’s class.  And next year I’ll be going to Kindergarten and ride the big Kindergarten bus.”

Man “Okay.  That’s neat.”

Not much of an exchange but it really has made me reflect.  He has been like this with everyone he’s encountered the last four days.  I have asked myself when was the last time I was so excited about something I shouted it from the rooftops?

Oh that’s right… November 2, 2016.  Cubs 8, that other team 7.

19 Days until Opening Day.


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