A Slap in the Face

It happens to all of us.

The bad week.  Traffic to and from work has been especially heinous.  The workload keeps piling on and no matter how much you accomplish no one seems to care.  It just keeps coming.

You haven’t felt well all week.  Something in the house doesn’t seem to be working and it always has to do with plumbing.  Every little thing and person you encounter seems to pile on the suckige.  (You know it’s a bad week when you have to look in the urban dictionary for a word that describes how you are feeling)

Even the ones that you love can grate at you from the moment you walk through the door until the moment you go to bed.  You complain incessantly about every aspect of life.  Sure she made dinner for you, but why did she choose this meal?

You are having a bad week and with no end in sight.

Then suddenly your perspective changes.  You get the phone call that someone you love is going through real pain.

You immediately stop all of your complaining.  You eat that wonderful meal, joyously fix the dishwasher, hug those around you, and pray no one ever gets that phone call about you.


5 thoughts on “A Slap in the Face

  1. What a powerful reminder of the importance of perspective! You so vividly captured those days (weeks!) when everything seems to go wrong; what a great reminder to focus on what’s going right.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Wow. What a great, important reminder. Yes, we are all going to have those days and weeks when we are just off and feeling miserable, but to get the perspective that you were given, it can really snap us out of it quickly. Prayers for your loved one that everything will be okay soon.


  3. Yes, we all need reminders that it is all about perspective. So much can change when one’s perspective changes. I also like your use of the urban dictionary. I would have never thought to look there for a word to describe what you were feeling. Thanks for posting.


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