My Three Sons

People often ask what it’s like having three kids under the age of 5.  I usually tell a joke that I have no idea because I’m never home and my wife is a saint.  That last part is not a joke.  She really is a saint.

Last night as we were watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land…. Please don’t judge us…. This exact question was posed to Ray by a therapist.

Like my answer, Ray’s was tinged with truth and humor, “Well, I like to tell people it’s kinda like a frat house. Nobody sleeps, everything’s broken and there’s a lot of throwing up.”

This has been our life in different degrees for almost five years now.  I think I go the humorous route in my answer because telling the truth would just take too long.

At times I feel lucky and filled with pride as I’m sitting with my three sons watching a baseball game.  I feel satisfied when they are climbing all over me while we read a new picture book for the first time.

But other times there is puke.  There is being woken up at 12:30, 2:17, and again at 2:58.  There are holes in drywall.  There are stains on the carpet.  Sometimes it would be so much easier if it was just the saint and I.

But over the last four years I have already either forgotten a lot of the misery or found a way to laugh about it.

So when someone asks me what it’s like having three kids under the age of 5 I don’t think I am going to use humor anymore.  Instead my response will simply be “It’s complicated.”


4 thoughts on “My Three Sons

  1. I just wrote about the puke and poop at our empty nested house – from our dogs! (Apparently we never move beyond that part.) As complicated as it may be, it is so very wonderful and so deeply missed when gone. Enjoy it all.


  2. Great piece Adam! I like the way that at the end you circled back around to the way you started. The examples of why you feel lucky and satisfied were perfect. Then…there is the “not so fun” side that you contrasted it with. Thanks for being real!


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