St. Patrick’s Day

As I watch my students being dropped off this morning, decked out in all kinds of green I had to chuckle.  We are not a predominately Irish community.  I would be shocked if even 20% of our families considered themselves Irish.  But yet it seems that the hallways are awash in green today.

I have always though that St. Patrick’s Day was a peculiar holiday.  I have 0% Irish in my blood, but every year my mom would make corned beef and cabbage and dye our milk green.  As I have gotten older it seems that the day is as an excuse to start drinking just a little earlier and just a little bit more.  This also seems an odd way to celebrate Saint Patrick, given that he was a pious missionary.

But what is fascinating is that for some reason it seems to be a holiday in which people of all backgrounds celebrate.  St. Patrick was a foreigner in Ireland and was beaten, robbed, and put in chains awaiting execution.  I can’t help but see a connection with our current cultural climate.  Hopefully, sometime in the near future, we will find other reasons to celebrate together as a country.  Although I have long ago given up on the myth of America as a melting pot, it is days like today allow me to see why the myth was started.


One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I wrote about St. Patrick’s Day today too, but mine was a very different post. I found it really interesting that you point out the similarities with being a persecuted foreigner in a strange land – of course, his goal was to convert its citizenry to his way of life. Are there parallels? I’m not so sure, but I really appreciate that your Slice got me thinking. Literature & history are ripe with possibilities for comparison. Thanks!


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