As I struggled to come up with something to write today, I scrolled through the litany of titles for inspiration. Eventually I came across a title “Ode to Shamrock Shake.”

Utter disappointment and resentment immediately boiled up within me.  For you see, the Shamrock Shake is a time honored tradition in our family.  Like going bowling on Thanksgiving or drinking Coronas to celebrate the 4th of July.  And yet here I sit three days after St. Patrick’s Day without tasting that fake minty goodness.

This year we talked a couple of times about one of us running to McDonalds but there always seemed to be something else to do.

For the next 11 months I will live with regret.  I will keep picturing one of those memes on Facebook that say:

Life is short.  Take the trip. Buy the shoes.Drink the Shamrock Shake

And in February 2018, drink it I shall.


2 thoughts on “Dissapointment

  1. Thorns Thoughts! Yay!!! Love the Jefferson quote, too! Anyhoo – your slice made me lol. “That fake minty goodness” nails it. I’ve never had a shamrock shake (gasp!) but I do love anything delicious filled with fake minty goodness.


  2. This is great!!! “For the next 11 months I will live with regret. I will keep picturing one of those memes on Facebook that say ‘:Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Drink the Shamrock Shake’. ” I will make sure I pick you one up when I’m doing outside duty next year. ha ha 🙂


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