Buying a New Home

Sometimes you just know.

It was the eleventh house we had been into over a two week span.  These visits consisted of driving to four communities.  Mulling over everything from a remodeled 1950’s home to new construction.

There were homes that we felt we could easily afford and ones that we knew would stretch our finances.

Decisions had to be made.  Would we rather have an updated kitchen or a pool in the backyard?  Compromises had to happen.  What was the most important aspect of a home to one spouse wasn’t always at the top of the list for the other.  During those 6 months there was never a pause in the conversation between us, never a time to catch our breath.

When we thought our house was sold the contract was ripped from our awaiting hands three days before closing.

But 3 months later there we were sitting at one of those cheap conference tables found in every office, signing our lives away while gaining a dream.  All those months of worry, excitement, and nervousness had all down to us filling out paperwork with those cheap black Bic pens.

A few hours later we were excitedly turning the key in our own front door.  We walked into the entryway, smiled, and sat down. We could finally catch our breath.


6 thoughts on “Buying a New Home

  1. Love this!! Congratulations! We are just starting the house hunting process and I’m sure we will have similar struggles on the journey. You described it perfectly!


  2. Congratulations on making the decision! It is difficult yet fun at the same time. Now you have many more decisions to make to create your “home”. Have fun!


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