Most people don’t give the mundane areas of life a second thought, until something or someone messes with it.

For the last 21 days I have had a monotonous schedule of getting to work and composing my slice.

Yesterday was different.  When I walked into my office there were things that just had to be taken care.  I could have been selfish and stuck to my unchanging ways but it would have impacted a lot of other people

No big deal. I didn’t give the switch in the routine a second thought.  That is until I had brushed my teeth, kissed my wife goodnight and turned off the lights.  That’s when the realization and panic suddenly struck.  I hadn’t typed a single word down for this piece.

Immediately my mind raced.  Should I go downstairs and start typing away?  What would I even say at that point.  Should I lie here and try and think of something first?  What would my colleagues think?  I was in danger of losing the challenge.  The next thing I knew my alarm was going off at 5:00am this morning.  The world hadn’t come crashing down.  The SOL Gestapo hadn’t taken the entire family away in a black sedan.

Instead I ate breakfast, showered, came to work and wrote this slice.  Maybe I’ll write two today to make up for yesterday.  But then again, why would I disrupt my own tedious routine.


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