Is there anyone who doesn’t feel better when they have less stuff lying around?  We have long been a culture that accumulates things we no longer need yet struggle to get rid of it.  Our house is no different.  But over the last four months something absolutely wonderful has been occurring.

Week after week more and more items leave our home.  After three boys we believe we are finished having any more children.  With each passing week as Henry grows older and loses interest in the “baby toys” we fill one bag after another.  We label it with a blue sharpie saying things like Newborn and 8 months.  We then delightedly pass it on to our appreciative friends who have no idea how quickly their lives and homes will be taken over.

The best part is we have become unstoppable machines.  Purging has become an addictive habit that has spilled into all aspects of our lives.  The garage, closet, and even my office at work are thankful for the chance to breathe again.

This liberating act is something that everyone can do.  With so many people getting ready for Spring Cleaning I urge you don’t just clean it, make it disappear.


One thought on “Purging

  1. Ha! I posted today about a purge that has gotten me in trouble today. Nothing feels better and is more unsettling than seeing how much STUFF you can get rid of.


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