Sense of Accomplishment

With little less than a week to go in my first Slice of Life Challenge I have mixed emotions about how it has gone.  I appreciate the fact that it has brought me closer to understanding what our students go through when they are expected to write every day.  I recognize that the challenges and mental blocks we all must get through as writers only helps to make us more aware of what good writing is.

But I also understand that I still do not enjoy writing.  It is not therapeutic for me but it as one more thing to check off the list each day.

What has surprised me about writing in this challenge is the sense of accomplishment that comes over me every time I hit publish button.  I’m sure some pieces turned out better than others but regardless of the topic, the amount of time I spent, or the number of comments it garnered, I am proud of each piece that I have posted on here.


One thought on “Sense of Accomplishment

  1. I appreciate your honesty. I’m actually not sure if I enjoy writing, either. Your statement made me wonder and question this in myself. Sometimes I am extremely proud of what I’ve written and that makes me think I enjoy writing, while other times I churn it out and hit publish as quickly as I can. On those days I can for sure say that I do not enjoy writing. I guess for me it’s like exercising – I hate that, too, but I’m always glad I did it once I’m done!!!


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